Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fleishmann's Deli

This is not the first time I mention Fleishmann's Deli although I did spell the name differently last time.
They've already opened a Foursquare account so I know how they want to be called, although I tweaked it a bit since it wasn't following some grammar basics (which is kinda arrogant of me).

Anyhow, let's keep it simple, this is a short one: Fresh Moroccan bread, chipotle sauce, BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, horseradish sauce, lettuce and lots of corned beef.
I was pleasantry surprised to discover chips and delightful pickled cabbage in my take-away bag [and a tiny chipotle sauce container].

corned beef deli sandwich

It was a superb sandwich, as good as I remembered.
The only bad thing I can think of is that they don't have enough opening hours so it's kinda hard to get my fix.
Otherwise - epic.
Note to self: on my next visit I should check out their pulled beef sandwich, it looked pretty good.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hardcore Foodie Materials

Food porn show and tell continues:
(each segment's end is marked by a bunch of asterisks) 


This was the day Sriracha returned to the stores. I was so happy - words cannot describe.
Little did I know that the current batch was spicier than the last one, and not as easy on the stomach.


Pizza USA, Petah Tikva

This is from a place in Petah Tikva called Pizza USA (or USA Pizza if you will). It's easily one of the best pizzas in town. Most of their local pizzas are crap, but some do have that 90's charm, when ingredients were simple and people didn't know any better.
The pizzerias in Petah Tikva have this weird fetish about their names, here's an example of several places' names - located on the same street: Pizza London, Pizza New York, Pizza Paris.
Get it?


Roast beef bagel sandwich

Poppy seed bagel, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grilled eggplant, pinkish roast beef that was over heated and became a tad grey.
A take-away from Tal Bagelsת Karlibach 41, Cinemateque Qtr-Tel aviv.


Whole wheat noodles, pork, chicken, bacon, broccoli, sprouts, bok choy, cashews and crushed peanuts -  stir fried with a secret sauce.

Whole wheat noodles, pork, chicken, bacon, broccoli, sprouts, bok choy, cashews and crushed peanuts -  stir fried with a secret sauce.
Eaten at: Giraffe officer's club, 21 Ha'arbaa street, Tel-Aviv


wafer no. 023

Bought a sleeve of ice cream wafers, discovered they were randomly numbered.


shimeji mushrooms, bleu cheese and walnuts salad

Shimeji mushrooms, bleu cheese, balsamic vinegar and chestnuts. 


fried avocado

Bought a hard-ish avocado, got impatient and fried it, hoping that would make it go soft.
Apparently it was a horrible idea, the end product was bitter and only semi-edible.


corned beef sandwich

Double-decker sandwich, a corned beef monstrosity.
Mustard and horseradish sauce, tomato and lettuce on wholewheat. Two gherkins and ten minutes of mouthgasms.
Eaten at: Ruben, Florentine 22, Tel-aviv (they have several venues).


wonka nerds

A local store started selling Wonka Nerds. Oh happy days!


lots of citrus fruits

Got bored, squeezed juice from a grapefruit, orange, lemon and a clementine, although it might have been a tangerine or a mandarin.


Bodean's chipotle BBQ sauce

My friends went for a vacation in the UK and all they got me was this amazing hot chipotle BBQ sauce from Bodean's BBQ.


pizza  sambusak

Sambousek (also sambusak) with pizza sauce, cheese and olives, covered with a zaatar & sesame decoration.
Delicious, lovely and all the melting stringy cheese is complimented by the crisp of the exterior.


Dulce de leche doughnut

Dulce de leche doughnut, say no more.
(I have no idea where they are from, someone brought a box to the office and people gathered around it like hungry vultures, all was gone after less than a minute)


Agvania pizza

Ultra thin pizza that goes by 1/4's of a pie. So thin that it's just a bit thicker than an average tortilla.
So freaking delicious. They're called Agvania pizza, there are branches all over Tel-Aviv.


Chicken tikka, plain grilled chicken, rice, fried, couscous and steamed green beans

Chicken tikka, plain grilled chicken, rice, fried, couscous and steamed green beans.
Quite eclectic but very good. And a small tahini bowl on the side!
Eaten at: Tajine, Hamasger no.45, Tel-Aviv.

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