Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fleishmann's Deli

This is not the first time I mention Fleishmann's Deli although I did spell the name differently last time.
They've already opened a Foursquare account so I know how they want to be called, although I tweaked it a bit since it wasn't following some grammar basics (which is kinda arrogant of me).

Anyhow, let's keep it simple, this is a short one: Fresh Moroccan bread, chipotle sauce, BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, horseradish sauce, lettuce and lots of corned beef.
I was pleasantry surprised to discover chips and delightful pickled cabbage in my take-away bag [and a tiny chipotle sauce container].

corned beef deli sandwich

It was a superb sandwich, as good as I remembered.
The only bad thing I can think of is that they don't have enough opening hours so it's kinda hard to get my fix.
Otherwise - epic.
Note to self: on my next visit I should check out their pulled beef sandwich, it looked pretty good.


  1. It kinda looks like a part of the female anatomy but on the other hand it looks like the the best sandwich meat I've seen in my whole entire life.

    1. I was actually told that several times (on Facebook and Instagram), I can see the similarity.

      And yes, it was an amazing sandwich.

  2. Eeeew! Female anatomy and I was just going to say אחלה sandwich, or sandbo as my family call them.


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