Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I call it "Big Nasty"

Behold my unholy creation, yesterday's midnight's snack, a festival of cheese, condiments and bread.
I call it "Big Nasty". 
The name is rather justified but it tastes great. See below the image for details and ingredients.


Allow me to list the ingredients in order of appearance from left to right:
  • Nutella + cheese
  • BBQ sauce + cheese
  • Horseradish sauce + cheese
  • Pickled ginger + cheese
The cheeses are a mix between Gouda and Gilboa, the bread is a seeded type, with a nice crunchy crust.
On the whole, the sandwich was an amazing mixture of flavors that did the job quite nicely. The sweetens of the nutella, the aroma and smoky flavor from the BBQ, the  flavor and punch from the horseradish sauce and above all the ginger that added a hint of vegetable with a dash of pickle.

Sure, this might seem to be a bit over the top, but this is a kind of sandwich that one makes with what's found in the fridge, when stricken by unspeakable hunger.

Tell me if you like the idea of it, do tell me if you try and make one of your own. 

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