Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trancio: a whole lotta pizza

Trancio slice and a half

I'm gonna make a list to create some order in my thoughts. It's really hard to think after this meal.
  • Thick soft crust, tons mozzarella, that's the exclusive cheese at Trancio.
  • The sauce is crushed tomatoes, some basil, and according to the staff there's some garlic too but apparently not enough to my taste.
  • The slices are huge and there's an option to get a slice and a half which is way better value for money.
  • There are absolutely no toppings or variations. No other dishes, just this.
  • The place is absolutely new.
  • They claim that the recipe is an original from south Italy.
  • I gotta admit that this is an unusual pizza, not the best one I've had but it has really specific texture and flavors that make you wanna come back (I've been there twice already). 

empty pizza plates at Trancio

As I've said, it's a huge slice, it's about 300 grams when an average slice is about 80.
The cheese and dough quickly settle in your stomach like a huge tasty rock and you just want to sleep.
Luckily they're placed not that far from where I live so I can get to bad fast enough.

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