Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stir fried vegetables on white rice

Check out this yummy goodness:

What you see is white rice, but above that rice is a pile of amazing flavors, string at me, waiting to be eaten, and all I do is take pictures while I drool.

Zucchinis, mushrooms, shavings of ginger, carrots, bits of red bell peppers, stir fried with freshly ground black pepper and whole cloves of garlic, with some mustard grains and grainy mustard, and then stir fried further with date syrup for that extra sweetness and a touch caramel flavor \ color.

I sometimes add various curry pastes to the mix, every paste has a different flavor and behaves differently upon frying so it's always interesting to experiment taste and explore.

This is a great side dish but is also good enough for a vegetarian main course (also vegan if you use the right ingredients). 

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