Thursday, April 11, 2013

Donkey: Taco Quality Assurance

Lunching at trustworthy places is always fun.
Luckily - you have me to suffer so you won't have to.
This time I returned to Donkey, just to see how things are (and to munch on some tacos).
Shall we? I wanna finish this post already cos the picture is making me really hungry.

pulled beef taco, black beans, cheddar, lettuce, cilantro, hot salsa
 Three pulled beef tacos, black beans, cheddar, lettuce, cilantro, hot salsa and a frosty Dr Pepper

The post is called "quality assurance" because Donkey disappointing me several times (they stopped making their coriander sauce and their amazing pineapple BBQ sauce, and the food was too soggy and bland on my last visits). This was their chance to claim back the throne.

The watery delivery persisted - the beans and pulled beef were too wet for the tacos to withstand.
The flavors were partially back. Not complete blandness, but some improvement was needed still.

A new issue arose: apparently Donkey now have lunch deals, but we weren't offered any, although later as we sat down we notices people coming in after us were.
I realized it was due to the guy taking our orders being new; but still.
Not pleasant, but I didn't make a fuss.

Bottom line: more room for improvement; be visiting again soon.

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