Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Sheqel Falafel | HaMasger 73, Tel Aviv

Before I start, allow me to do the math for you:
10nis (New Israeli Sheqel) are the equivalent of 2.77 US Dollars.
Mind you, $2.77 is a great price for any kind of food, especially for a falafel sandwich.
The price range in Israel shifts between 15 and 20nis, with the exception of a handful of places that are trying to brake the market with 6-10nis falafels.
That said, it doesn't matter what you pay if the falafel sucks.

pita, falafel, tahini, amba, salad, cabbage

This falafel didn't suck.
We came in at about 15:00; at such a point of the day a good falafel has either ran out of most things fresh, or currently having everything prepared for the second or even third time that day.
And indeed, some of the food ran out already, some of the salads too; and they were prepearing new salads and falafel as we came in, upon order.

The pita was fresh and warm, quite an achievement for three in the afternoon.
I was told that they buy from nearby bakery, so they have fresh inventory at all times.

My falafel was great, crispy and flavorful.
With fresh and pickled cabbage, tomato \ cucumber \ pepper salad, tahini and amba - it was wonderful.
The amba was a reall bouns, when it's good - it's great; Amba is a mango based condiment  it's sweet, sour, tangy, a bit spicy, not unlike chutney, but introduced to Israel by Iraqi Jews.
It's mostly found in falafel \ shawarma places.

Bottom line: I will gladly eat there again (also - very friendly service).

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  1. I haven't eaten falafel since 1968. I was on my ulpan and was out and hungry so I had a falafel. I was sooooo ill after with food poisoning, probably the oil, that I've never been able to eat them again.


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