Thursday, October 18, 2012

Roast beef sandwich with a side of corned beef

About a week ago I went to the market at the Jaffa Port. A modern building complex with lots of various stands and variously sized restaurants and cafes. I ate at Zilber's Deli and I'll tell you all about the place in some other post, probably in one of the "Search for Tel-Aviv's Perfect Sandwich" posts. This is just a short one.

 The greatest roast beef sandwich ever
the best roast beef sandwich ever

I was slightly drunk (a pint of Westons cider and another one of  Liefmans while walking in the hot sun) and very hungry. We went straight for the sandwiches (one vegetarian friend chose hummus instead). 
I picked the roast beef, it was fresh out of the oven, pinkish and succulent, over Italian whole grain bread, with mustard, jalapeno sauce and a tad of BBQ sauce, with lettuce and tomatoes.
FYI, Zilber serve the best roast beef sandwiches I've ever had the pleasure to place in my mouth.

superb corned beef
warm, thinly sliced, delicious corned beef

Being drunk-ish and very hungry I decided it would be ingenious to get a side of warm smoky corned beef. It was delicious and complimented all the other stuff (sandwich, pickles, carbonated lemonade). 
I did grab a slice of pizza moments later from some other stand, and a few more drinks.
Unfortunately at that point photography was not something I could indulge in.
Thank you for following my simplistic tales.


  1. Jaffa Port you say...

  2. From what I gather - Zilber are the meat suppliers for Ruben, your favorite sandwich spot.

    1. I've seen a Zilber truck outside once, didn't make the connection!


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