Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pasta Melanzane

A simple lunch, delivered to my office door in 30 minutes. An interesting shape of corkscrew pasta, spicy tomato sauce, big chunks of eggplants, mozzarella melting nicely in the middle, some fresh pesto on top. Grated parmesan was sprinkled moments after I took the photo.

pasta melanzane by Olive
Pasta melanzane by Olive

Olive do great deliveries and they're also a good enough place to eat at. Most branches are spacious, the menu is quite vast and the service is good enough (the prices are the real deal). When ever I'm too lazy to cook my own delicious pasta dishes or to go someplace fancy, Olive is my go to place.
The fact that they're open late at night makes them a gathering place for people about town on the weekend, if you don't mind the drunkenly - Olive could be a great spot to much after a binge.

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