Friday, September 21, 2012

The Search for Tel-Aviv's Perfect Sandwich: Delicious Deli

I was told that Delicious Deli Bar have an amazing hot pastrami sandwich, which made me think a visit is due. I was also told their burgers were superb, but burgers aren't my cup of tea so I really didn't care.
It was but a matter of time.

It was a Saturday night. The Delicious Deli Bar, located at the Tel Aviv Port Market was one of the few stands still operating, most people were busy eating ice cream on the boardwalk, in the almost cool air of the sea.

400gram NY hot pastrami sandwich
400gram NY hot pastrami sandwich

Sriracha bottles on the counter and a soda fountain with various colorful syrups were a nice touch. This went great with the smoke (baked and with cajun seasoning, not sure about actual smoke) potato wedges I ordered along with the sandwich. There was also a mustard based sauce involved, it was epic.

I ordered the NY hot pastrami sandwich, which is just like their plain hot pastrami sandwich, but with 400 grams (0.88 pounds) of meat in it. My sandwich was mistakenly served to a lady sitting at the counter next to me, but the issue was soon rectified and I was able to strike.

This is a waste of a hot pastrami sandwich
This is a waste of a hot pastrami sandwich

I wish this was the tale of the perfect sandwich, of a lost treasure, the discovery that will change my life, something I could share with joy and recommend to all my beloved carnivores, but it's not, it wasn't.
The meat was dry and chewy, with a taste you'd not even expect from supermarket leftovers.
It just wasn't good. There was even a large  blood vessel chunk visible in the heap of meat prior to my first bite which was kinda gross.
I ate some of it, but most of it went to a nearby dog that appreciated it. I just ate the potatoes, the bread which was pretty good and drank my lemon soda, allowing the disappointment fill in the room I saved for food. 

The menu offered the above mentioned hamburger and another type of sandwich, but I didn't want to play this game anymore. I've had my share, learned my lesson, walked away.
Perhaps this was just a bad day at Delicious Deli Bar, it might have been anything actually, but for me it was a horrible first impression that made me feel as if all of the raving recommendations were nothing but PR and unjust hype.


  1. Just wanted to say that all of my Israeli friends tell me traditional jewish food in the US is just as foreign to them as any other non middle eastern dish. Makes sense the pastrami would be lacking.

    1. I wouldn't be that quick with the accusations, there are magnificent pastrami sandwiches and cuts in Israel, just as there are shitty diners and delis in the states.


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