Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch, same as yesterday: Caponata Tortellone

Today's lunch was tortellone pasta with stuffed with  various cheeses and porcini mushrooms  with caponata sauce (containing tiny bits of eggplant),  along with basil and feta cheese chunks.
It was pretty much the same lunch as I had yesterday, (i.e. same dish, at the same location - Laboratorio Di Pasta) but I'm still gonna talk some more about that one, the previous, just below the following image.

#tortellone #pasta with #cheeses and #porcini filling, with #caponata #sauce, #basil and #feta #cheese chunks.

Yesterday's pasta got to our table faster, and was hotter, burn your mouth kind of hot.
On the other hand one of the people I sat with got her pasta 10 minutes after us all, and it seemed to be a smaller amount than everyone else. She insisted that I point that out.

#tortellone #pasta with #cheeses and #porcini filling, with #caponata #sauce, #basil and #feta #cheese chunks.

Anyhow, today I was the one to get my food last.
It was just as delicious as yesterday, but I had to eat it real quick cos I had an appointment with a doctor who was about to tell me my tests showed I have a high sugar count in my blood and that it's time to visit a nutrition expert.
Also: low on vitamin D.
That would be all for now.

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  1. I'm sorry about your sugar. It's the pits. I was in hospital about a month ago and I have some sugar. I was there a whole bloody week. They took all the sweet stuff off my food tray which was pretty mean but they also stuck my finger about 20 times a day but I did lose 5 kilo yay.


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