Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vegetarian Lunch: just baking stuff

It's Saturday and I'm awfully hungry. That's the essence of this post. I need a snack, to stay on the healthy side (if you've followed my previous posts you'll know what I need to balance the other stuff I eat).

My solution? Baked goods: Broccoli, zucchinis, mushrooms, vegetarian hotdogs, just a drizzle of sunflower oil, some freshly ground black pepper. That's it.

I was going to make a tahini sauce and experiment with adding some ginger and coconut flakes to it, but I succumbed to my hunger - the smells just overpowered me.
I ate the veggies and dogs with a bit of mustard, sriracha and sweet chilli sauce. It was delicious.

Later I think I'm gonna try making a new variation on a lasagna, should be interesting - I'll even  keep you posted if it turns out good.

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