Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This monkey's gone to heaven

Imagine there's a mediocre place near your house, it serves mediocre food but the price is right and they even have good days on which the food is great. This imaginary place serves humus, shawarma, skewered meat and other staples of the Arab cuisine.

Now imagine that this made up place is closed for renovation. They splash some paint around, move the furniture, cover the floor with old newspaper. A sign on the see through glass door says it'll be open in no time.

They never come back tough. The place is closed, the work just ceased one day. Nothing moves inside, no one, no sign of live. The place is abandoned.

This happened to me. This place is real to me.
The place was always packed, there was no sign of anything going wrong.
Was this my fault? Did I not deserve a place near my home that serves a variety of food that I like?

This is in loving memory of Sayid's Original Hummus of Akko (the Tel-Aviv branch).

falafel and fries
Superb falafel balls with fries and some ketchup

fresh salad
Fresh salad: cucumber, tomato, parsley, all finely chopped and served with lemon juice

humus & tahini
A lovely plate of humus, with soft chickpeas in the middle, covered with olive oil and tahini


  1. how is tahini diffrent from humus?

    1. Tahini is seaseme seeds and hummus is chickpeas :)

  2. That's a whole lot of paprika!


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