Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grilled Cheese Sandwich w. Mushrooms and Sriracha

Yesterday I fancied some mushrooms.
I'm not sure how does one get that specific craving, but on my way home back from work I stopped for that purpose only. 
I bought a basket of champignon mushrooms and continued my way home - thinking about what to prepare.

bread & sriracha

Making grilled cheese sandwiches was a sudden decision, influenced by a smell in the building as I made my way up the stairs. I suddenly wanted cheese, grilled cheese, stringy and crispy and fun.
Since I was already set on cooking with musrhooms - I chose to use sriracha alone. The cheese and the smoky spicy sauce combined with mushrooms are enough flavors for one simple sandwich.

gilboa cheese

Cooks often ignore the stipes and use only the caps. I like to use the whole mushroom, but this time I had to save space due to the toasters limitations so I just ate the stipes and some whole mushrooms too while I was at it. I'm not sure what it is about the taste of fresh mushrooms, but I really love it, the earthiness, the nutty flavors, the meat like texture.

sriracha, cheese, mushrooms, on white bread

Now all I had to do was squeezing the bread together gently with my hand into a sandwich form, just applying some pressure to make a sandwich form.
The moistness of the mushrooms and sauce started to show on the bread.
On to the toaster.

ready for the pressure toaster

The above mentioned moistness and the actual fluids from within the mushrooms caramelized inside the toaster, creating a lovely golden \ rusty color and a crunchy bite.
I allowed my creation to cool down for a bit - inside the shut down toaster, thus it was still how but not as humid as it would be on a cold plate. 

lovely grilled cheese sandwich

While everything was cooling down I prepared a cold glass of club soda.
I also ate all the mushrooms that were left. 
The grilled cheese was awesome. A great thing about sriracha is that becomes sweet after it's been heated, thus making it spicy, sweet, smoky, this made the whole meal taste like wonderfulness in my mouth.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich w. Mushrooms and Sriracha

Several hour later I got a bit hungry again.
Being fresh out of mushrooms I went trough the fridge looking for something that I could turn into a quick snack. I found a jar of homemade chimichurri that my girlfriend's mom gave me on the weekend.
Turned out great :)

homemade chimichurri

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