Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roast Beef Sandwich @ Silence

Silence is a place I visit mostly for grilled cheese panini style sandwiches. It's dirt cheap, the food is food is good (i.e. delicious and fresh) and the staff is super nice. You can't really ask for more.
They have a long transparent showcase deli style fridge with most of their ingredients.
All you really need to do is tell them what you want to eat, and construct the dish along with the person serving you. All of the dishes are basically salads or variations on sandwiches, but there are enough ingredients to keep you interested for a while within the given genres.
Also available: winter soups.

ciabatta with roast beef, mustard, lettuce, arugula and tahini

I was a bit bored with grilled cheese so I took a ciabatta with roast beef, mustard, lettuce, arugula and a bit of tahini. Along with an ice cold bottle of Fanta.
It was a good lunch, no regrets here.

That's it I guess.


  1. מה יהיה עם ה-tahini הזה, זה ממש מגעיל. אל תגיד לי שזה השם בערבית. הוא מקלקל את המאכל, שדווקא ממש סבבה.

  2. I'd slap some more meat on that sandwich, but otherwise sounds and looks pretty good.

    1. It does seem that it lacks meat but trust me - it was just the right amount, and that's coming from a person eating 400g sammiches.


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