Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food out: eating out

Good images of good eating.
This post has no reference to me cooking or to eating at home so I though "eating out" might be a good title.
Don't have anything else to add, the images and short descriptions are going to do most of that.

chicken schnitzel baguette

I was peer pressured into eating at a horrible place I had all the reasons to hate. Nothing was fresh, the way they made my food was just wrong - I mean, really, heating up a cold chicken schnitzel in a pressure toaster? That's just wrong! Somehow, the end result was a bit better than I imagined. Still not going back, ever.

green falafel

A hummus place not very far from where I live (called Youness) makes these great falafel balls. They're really green on the inside (parsley) and brown, crunch and covered with sesame on the outside. They're served with some tahini and are just delightful.

all sorts of good

This place is called Tagine (or Tajin) after a North African dish which is called after the heavy clay post in which it is cooked. The place specializes in an assortment of home cooked dishes, home being all over the world - thus making it very multicultural and with many flavors and dishes that change daily.
You just choose what you wish to eat from the many pots and containers. I chose spaghetti, a grilled chicken breast, chicken schnitzel and some white rice (fries on top). 

hummus hakosem

This hummus is from a place called Hakosem (the magician). They have pretty good falafel, awesome shawarma, amazing beverages they make (lemonade, a mixture of lemonade with pomegranates, a tamarind drink and some alcohol variations of the above). They hummus is mediocre but all of their other dishes are almost divine

corned beef sandwich

Corned beef on rye, with mustard and lettuce. Does it get any better? Well, it does sometime, but this was pretty amazing altogether.

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